Choosing Between Horizontal & Vertical Blinds: Which is the Best Option?
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Horizontal & Vertical Blinds in Macedon Ranges

When it comes to window treatments, most people today choose blinds as they come in such a huge variety and have an elegant, contemporary feel. You may be looking at your options if you want to upgrade your current property or start from scratch with a new home. But before you go much further, you need to know the difference between horizontal and vertical blinds. How can you make an informed choice for each room in the house, and what do you need to know about the various options available?


More often than not, the window size and configuration in each room will be different, and you will want something that not only looks good but fits perfectly as well. You can undoubtedly find window blinds with standard measurements (or off the shelf), but you don’t need to compromise if you want to craft the perfect solution.


Form and Function
Think about functionality. Some rooms may harbour floor-to-ceiling windows and doors and are meant to offer easy access to a patio. You may want to concertina your patio doors to open up the entire room on a spring day, which will definitely affect your choice of blinds. In this case, you should choose vertical blinds that can move aside with a sliding door and that do not get in the way.

On the other hand, you may have a bedroom that features conventional windows and faces due east, and you need to do something about the early morning sun. In this case, horizontal blinds may be best as they can better shield that rising sun.


Where to Start?
As a rule of thumb, choose vertical blinds where the window opening is particularly wide or wherever you have sliding patio doors. Horizontal blinds tend to look better and function more effectively if the windows are smaller or the space itself is narrower.


Window Configurations
Remember to consider the type of window as some of these windows will open outward, while others may fold inwards. This mechanism will dictate your choice of blinds, especially if you live in a climate that varies significantly. Here, you should choose a window treatment that allows you to open the window with a minimum of fuss while still maintaining an element of privacy. In this case, vertical blinds may be more appropriate as you might otherwise have to roll your horizontals up fully to allow the window to open correctly.


Cleaning and Maintenance
You need to consider regular maintenance and weekly cleaning, especially if you may face restrictions on your mobility. Generally speaking, it is easier to clean vertical blinds than horizontals as the latter type features a lattice of strings and other mechanisms as part of the design. Verticals, on the other hand, move along a single track and connect only at the top. They separate more efficiently for maintenance or cleaning.


Light Control
While horizontal blinds may be easier to adjust, verticals allow more light to pass through. And, this may be an important consideration in a room with a natural tendency to be dark.


Dealing with UV
The Australian sun can be harsh and can wear out carpets or furniture in an unprotected room. Horizontal blinds can work best in a space affected by the noonday sun where it sits high in the sky. They can be adjusted to reflect those harmful UV rays and, therefore, have better insulation properties.


Making Your Choice
As you can see, there are many different factors to consider when choosing vertical or horizontal blinds, and you may end up with both types in various parts of the home. Talk with an expert so you get the best blinds for each area, and remember that they come in a wide range of materials to suit your style and décor.