5 Custom Modern Blinds Ideas for Your Home

Why You Should Opt for Custom Blinds When Configuring Your New Home in Macedon Ranges

Have you just moved into a new home? If so, you may want to stamp your own personality on the place and make sure it looks and feels just right. However, before you introduce your furniture, think about the basics and focus on those window treatments. After all, you’ll want them to match the décor in the rest of the room and ensure they fit perfectly. In this case, there is only one way to proceed, and you need to get custom-made, modern blinds for each individual space. Here are four reasons why.


1. Flexibility
You may find that each room has its own character, and the window space or size may vary from one part of the house to another. As you brainstorm your needs, you may want to favour the outside view in one particular room but make another as snug as possible. You might want to block as much light as possible from a bedroom if somebody is a light sleeper, or you may want to show off your window treatments where a particular room is facing the street. You will have one reason or another to choose custom-made blinds that are perfect for each situation and that are never “cookie-cutter.”


2. Better Fitment
If you were to choose off-the-shelf options, you might have to adjust them first by cutting or stretching to achieve the best fit. On the other hand, custom-made blinds or shades will be made to the exact measurements you supply. They will “sit” perfectly whether they are open, closed or retracted and will never look out of place.

Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about pull cords that may appear to be out of centre or slats that seem to be crumpled.


3. Faster Solution
Certainly, you may be able to find some off-the-shelf blinds that match your colour swatch, but you may have to look around for a long time. When you opt for custom blinds, the designers will perfectly craft them in terms of not only size but colour as well. If you choose fabric blinds for roller shades, then you can match your existing upholstery as well.


4. Non-Standard Options
If you have moved into an older home, then the window sizing is likely to be non-standard and vary from room to room. In this case, you may be hard-pressed to find a stock of custom-made blinds that will fit without any significant modification. As such, you should choose custom options with individual measurements. Remember, those ready-made blinds are mass-produced and, often, in predictable shades or textures. They are meant to be neutral or blend in easily and do not consider individuality.


5. Type and Style
Once you have decided to choose custom-made blinds, you can pick your type and style. Modern blinds come in different configurations, with the most popular being roller, vertical or roman.

Roller blinds are smooth in appearance and come in an array of different patterns or colours. You can choose additional treatments to make them moisture-resistant or great for blacking out that bedroom. They are easy to clean and very versatile.

Vertical blinds hang freely from top to bottom and are perfect for controlling the amount of light that enters the room.

Roman blinds are the answer to your sophisticated taste. Their classic design is guaranteed to make a statement, and they come in a range of materials, too.
Help with Blinds Installation

Remember to seek the help of experts when it comes to your blinds installation. They will help you take the proper measurements to start with and will install them perfectly with a minimum of fuss.